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We’re a peak performance professional team, providing IT services with the main goal – to help you maximize benefits and minimize costs. We’re dealing with the most modern tools and platforms during the development to provide you the fastest communication and easiest management. Again – we’re oriented to your success!


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This is the most complex work and needs the overseeing during all the development stages so the final version of the system really saves time and efforts for management. The next important thing – it must be easy to extend the functionality so our technicians will prepare maximum scalability.

Magento is the Clever choice for those who are looking for development of not only just E-commerce store, but the whole trade/retailer business, linking the e-store with the CRM/ERP system and the physical shops. Our team knows what modules should be used to help you get the right integration and boost the sales with the use of Magento.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to get the peak performance from the ecommerce and at the same time you would not like to manage developers and pay for development all the time then the Shopify is the best solution for you! That’s the great solution for one-time investment and get the live product in a short period of time.

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We are a fast-responding team, oriented to help you get the success in your business. That’s why we always listen to you and advise the best practices for the exact task.

  1. Turn-key solutions of any complexity
  2. Flexible costs and fixed ETA
  3. 24/7 support


If you’re stuck in the development and you are in need of a new pair of hands – then our professionals can easily pick up your project to help you meet deadlines.

  1. Cheaper than in-house team
  2. Time management -> savings
  3. Legal and safe

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